Wilkinson CR12 Shotgun, Performance model

$2495   Base model:
Fail Zero EXO NiB plated Bolt Carrier Group, Black anodize finish
Dry film lubricant upper receiver, Standard buffer

Wilkinson CR12 Shotgun, Base model

Hard-Hitting Accuracy

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Imagine a 6.2-pound 12 gauge provides rapid movement and sight acquisition in close quarter shooting conditions.   The weight distribution with the magazine keeping most of the mass from ammunition close to the trigger finger makes this shotgun much faster to maneuver than a standard shotgun with the shells held in a tube magazine.

$2995   Performance model:
Kynshot hydraulic buffer, Carlson breaching muzzle break, PDQ Bolt Catch

Custom color

Barracade Busting Power

CR-12 Specifications
12ga 2 3/4 ”
Standard 308/7.62 NATO lower

Semi automatic direct impingement, gas operated
18” smooth bore barrel with Winchester choke tube threads
FAILZERO EXO Nickel Boron plated bolt carrier group (BCG)
Black anodize standard. Color options available
M4 style adjustable stock
Uses all standard M16/M4 armorer tools

Custom sapphire glass tactical optics by Shepard Scopes with integrated light and laser options

Full ambidextrous controls

20% let off open cylinder muzzle break, modified cylinder and full choke included

Fail Zero trigger group

Free floating hand guard with M-Lock or Keymod

Kyntec hydraulic buffer